There are many things in life that I love: books, films, coffee, friends, laughter, God, church, theology, golf, music of all kinds (except that which screams, wails, or raps), and studying. Hopefully this will be a culmination of all the things that I love.

I also hope that this blog sparks conversation. There is nothing I love more than good conversation. I do not seek to cause disagreements, just conversations…and hopefully conversations about things that many of us are scared to talk about. Follow me on Twitter @calebtrimble. Find me on Google+. 

My posts are solely my own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of my employer. 

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Vanette King

    Caleb I found your writings on why the church won’t hire you very interesting and truthful. Churches are definitely in need of a fix…re-do…and you are right it is we the people who have made a mess of it. It IS time for a change..I will pray for you to find the right church that will welcome you with open arms, hearts and minds!

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